Cost Uncountable

(A Five Minute Friday Post)


It cost everything.

Stepping into obedience the first time cost little in comparison. Yes I gave up time. A LOT of time. And I gave up freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted to but I gained so much in that same space. I gained a knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Of how he moves and works and gifts. I gained insight into missional work and what it means to give thing up in order to serve someone else. Even when that someone else is unknown to me. Unknown to many. Unseen and unloved.

It cost me innocence but gained wisdom and a deeper connection to Jesus. More time in prayer. More time in praise. More time just being.

The second step into obedience was not the same. The second stepping in was a stepping out. Stepping out of the life that had been built. Stepping out of the community I’d come to love. Stepping out of the routine our family had come to know.

Stepping into obedience the first time was joy, light, excitement and nervousness at moving beyond anything I’d done before but knowing Jesus was asking it, that he would equip me regardless the challenge.

Stepping into obedience the second time was pain, sorrow, mourning and reluctance at moving out of familiarity, joy and community. It was like my heart was forcibly ripped from my chest. Yet Jesus was asking this too, same as he had the first.

In my darkest times, I lament the cost. In the brighter moments, I know his cost was much, much higher. And I rejoice through the sorrow.

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  1. Your post made me reflect on my walk to obedience, and the poem below is the result. Hope you like it.

    When I saw my Christian friends,
    sore beset by ancient rules,
    I chose to look to my own ends
    and dismiss them all as dullard fools.
    My life was easy, wild and free,
    a pagan to the very core,
    but I didn’t, couldn’t see
    that soon it would become a bore.
    When my world lost its meaning,
    I looked again at the reborn,
    and began a slow hard gleaning
    of the good should be the norm.
    In shame I could not meet their eyes,
    but they took my hands, and bade me rise.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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